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Beach Fit Dance's Adult Contemporary dance classes are a blend of modern dance and ballet encouraging self expression, movement flow and fun. Our passionate and qualified teachers will have you moving like the contemporary participants on So You Think You Can Dance sooner than you might think!

It feels just as free and fun as it looks!

Our Adult Contemporary dance is mesmerising to watch and feels just as free and fun as it looks. Beach Fit Dance's Adult Contemporary dance classes will have you leaping, rolling, twisting and flowing across the dance floor in no time! What's better you don't need any dance experience to start and if you have danced, just not in the last 10 years, even better.

Build a strong core, toned legs and a lean flexible body

Contact Beach Fit today for a casual trial class ($15) but hurry so you can catch the start of our new dance!!


And if you're a little self conscious to jump in a class just yet why not try our private class starter deal? Just Click Here

About the Studio

Beach Fit Dance is a dance and pole dance fitness studio located in Newcastle, Australia.

Beach Fit offers dance fun, friendly classes for both adults and kids of all skill levels.


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