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Hip Hop



It’s time to get poppin', lockin' & breaking! Join us for this fitness class with a funky dance beat that will have your body moving in time. We’ll show you how to build strength through body weight exercises and floor work.

Loosen up your body as you pop and lock your way through the choreography

Hip Hop Moves

Learn how to helicopter, hold tricky poses and moon walk your way onto the dance floor. Your abs will be aching by the end of class from the workout or the laughter on the way! Join us on Monday nights to get your Hip Hop fix.


Contact Beach Fit Dance today for a casual trial class ($15) but hurry so you can catch the start of our latest routine!!

And if you're a little self conscious to jump in a class just yet why not try our private class starter deal?
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About the Studio

Beach Fit Dance is a dance and pole dance fitness studio located in Newcastle, Australia.

Beach Fit offers dance fun, friendly classes for both adults and kids of all skill levels.


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