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ABOUT NSW Pole Sport Championships

NSW Pole Sport Champioships was founded in 2017. The competition aims to showcase the talent of pole athletes and pole dancers across the state in a showcase of strength, stamina, technique and dance. 


NSW Pole Sport Championships offers strict judging criteria so that all contestants are offered a fair competition, competing against other polers of a similar level. 


This competition offers a platform for performers to display a variety of aspects of pole dancing. Pole performances come in such a wide range of styles including contemporary, burlesque, gymnastics, ballet, just to name a few. 


We offer a stage for performers of all ages to compete. There are no age restrictions in this competition (under 15's are separated into their own category for fairness) so no matter how young or old you are, we welcome and encouage you to compete!



Junior - 14 years and under







Masters - 45 years and older

About the Competition

NSW Pole Sport Championships is a Fitness and Performance based Pole competition located in Newcastle, Australia.

The Championships are an all age event and are open to anyone living in Australia

  • NSW Pole Sport Championships
  • 0439 449 604
  • info@nswpolesportchampionships.com.au


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