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2017 Winners

Professions Winner - Cherie (Beach Fit Dance)

Professional Runner Up - Sarah (Beach Fit Dance)


Advanced Winner - Cherry (Pole Catz)

Advanced Runner Up - Jeni (Beach Fit Dance)


Intermediate Winner - Taylah (Salt Dance Academy)

Intermediate Runner Up - Ayesha (Pole Catz)


Masters Winner - Debbie (Pole Catz)

Masters Runner Up - Laura (Beach Fit Dance)


Junior Winner - Abby (G-Force)

Junior Runner Up - Libby (Salt Dance Academy)


Silicone Winner - Angela (Beach Fit Dance)

Silicone Runner Up - Toni (Mpole)


Groups Winner - Pink Ladies (Mpole)

Groups Runner Up - Aurora & Jorja (Beach Fit Dance)

About the Competition

NSW Pole Sport Championships is a Fitness and Performance based Pole competition located in Newcastle, Australia.

The Championships are an all age event and are open to anyone living in Australia

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  • info@nswpolesportchampionships.com.au


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