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Newcastle Adult Dance Classes


Tapadult tap

Whether you have tapped for years or are interested in learning a new skill, we guarantee you will love Tap at Beach Fit Dance. We offer affordable and social classes and our Tap classes are no exception. Our passionate teachers will help you learn the correct tapping technique in a fun and funky environment.

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Contemporary classContemporary

Our passionate and qualified teachers will have you moving just like the contemporary participants on So You Think You Can Dance and you will soon find that your body can do some pretty amazing things! The Beach Fit contemporary classes will have you leaping, rolling, twisting and flowing across the dance floor in no time!

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ballet group


Our adult ballet classes will help you learn how to correctly point your toes like a true ballerina and gain the confidence to pirouette in style. Whether you have been dancing for years or are trying something new, the Beach Fit Dance’s classically trained ballet teachers will help you improve your dance technique and strengthen your legs and core.

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Stretch classStretch

At Beach Fit Dance’s stretch class we work on improving your flexibility through deep stretches and use a foam roller to ease all of your knots and tension. This class is the ideal addition to any dance class or workout routine!

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pole class scorpioPole Fitness

Did you know that there is a difference between pole dancing and pole fitness? Here at Beach Fit Dance we focus on building strength and technique through the use of poles, and we have a great deal of fun doing it! No matter what your size or shape is, your strength, your age, or whether you are male or female, we guarantee you will not feel out of place at Beach Fit Dance!

Our adult pole fitness classes are built with fitness in mind and we want to ensure every class is fun and our student’s feel comfortable and confident. Our qualified teachers offer plenty of alternate options for those who don’t want to strip off and would rather wear tights, for those who think they are too old or not strong enough for pole fitness classes and for men who wish to improve their strength through pole fitness. Come along and see why everyone in Newcastle is raving about Beach Fit Dance’s adult pole fitness classes!

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burlesque groupAll you need for the Beach Fit Dance burlesque class is a smile and a desire to have fun! Wear anything you like, from your tracksuit pants through to some sexy booty shorts. There is no set attire for burlesque, whether you want to wear joggers, bare feet, or heels, whatever you feel most comfortable in is all that matters to us. Come along to one of our Monday night sessions and learn to shake your booty and move your hips to the music as we explore the wonderful art of burlesque dance.

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 Hip Hop

Poppin', lockin' & breaking. Join us for this fitness class with a funky dance beat. Learn to move and groove, feel the music and hip hop classmoveyour body to the beat. Build strength through body weight exercises and floor work and loosen up your body as you pop and lock you way through the choreography. Ideal for the young and the young at heart.




JFK is a mix of Jazz, Funk, Burlesque, Aerobics and 80's dance all rolled in to one class. This high intensity workout is a lot of fun and a lot of laughs. 




jazz groupJAZZ

If you like corner work, funky choreography and working on technique, then come along to our exciting Jazz class. You'll learn/work on the splits cartwheels, backwards/forwards rolls and varied choreography. Join us in Jazz if you want to point your toes and improve your all round dance technique.


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Beach Fit Dance is a dance and pole dance fitness studio located in Newcastle, Australia.

Beach Fit offers dance fun, friendly classes for both adults and kids of all skill levels.


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