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 2018 Timetable

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11am   Advanced            
Evening Classes
4.30pm   Practice 4.30   Practice 4.30   Practice 4.30   Practice 4.30 
5.30pm         Ballet 5.30      Freestyle 5.30
6pm     Stretch 6pm      
6.15pm       Stretch 6.15      
6.30pm     Ballet 6.30 Advanced 6.30      
6.45pm   Pre-Advanced 6.45 JFK 6.45   Hip Hop 6.45  
7.15pm   Contemporary 7.15 Open 7.15 Tap Advanced 7.15    
7.30pm   Beginners 7.30   Tap Open 7.30  
8pm   Burlesque 8pm        



Ballet - This open Ballet class is suitable for beginner and intermediate level ballet dancers.  You'll learn correct technique and build strength and stamina. Both weekly ballet classes are taught by different instructors and offer diffrent exercises so we recommend you coming along to both classes to become skilled in all areas of ballet technique and dance

Tap Open - if you are a complete newby to tap, we recommend you take a few private classes to learn the basics before joining this class. This class is perfect fo those who have done a little tap as a child, who have done some private tap classes with us or those who have done beginner tap before

Tap Advanced - You don't need to be a Tap Dog to do this class, but tap dancing experience is definitely recommended. If you've tapped as a child and are keen to return then this is the class for you!

Contemporary - Learn to move your body in ways you never thought possible. This class is not for the feint hearted. There will be lots of getting up and down off the floor, plenty of rolling and a few jumps here and there. You don't need any dance experience to join this class but you must have a "will try" attitude!

Burlesque - Are you ready to get your sexy on? Then come along to our Burlesque floorplay class. With plenty of body rolls, heel clacking and twerking, you'll feel sexy again in no time! Expect a lot of laughs and some cool tricks in this class too

Hip Hop - It's time to funk it up. From popping and locking to a bit if breakdance, this class is great for newbies to dance. Learn to perform moves you never thought you'd be able to do and enjoy all the cool choreography and tricks that a Hip Hop class has to offer

Stretch - Spend some quality time rolling out those sore, achy muscles, thus loosening yourself up for ideal stretching. Whether it's your back bridge or the splits that you want to work on or simply loosening up those tight muscles, come along to stretch class and we'll have you feeling better and more flexy in no time

JFK - Ready for some laughs? JFK is a fun, silly, medium intensity social workout ideal for any dance ability. 



Advanced - Once you are able to Aerial Invert, Handspring and confidently put together a variety of tricks with smooth transitions, then you are ready for our Advanced class.  While there aren't any specific pre-requisites for this class (you are all different athletes with a huge variety of skills and very different weaknesses) you must be competent at a variety of aerial based tricks

Pre-Advanced - Working on your aerial invert and your Ayesha? Then Pre-Advanced is probably for you. While everyone learns and develops at their own pace, you'll need to show the ability to successfully complete a variety of tricks and combination to join this class

Freestyle - This class is a mixture of tricks and combos from all styles of pole. You'll need Intermediate level pole skills to partake in this class but other than that, this class is open to anyone! Feel free to bring along moves you find on Instagram and show to your instructror!

Open - If you want to pole with your friends but you are at completely different levels then this class is for you! Everyone works at their own pace on different tricks and develps their skills at their own speed. No matter what level of pole you've come from, you can join our Open class

Beginners - Only ever done one or two pole classes before? Perfect! Come along to Beginners and learn all the basics of Pole whilst building up your strength and endurance

Practice - Free to all current pole students, $10 each for all non-members. This is a supervised session where you can practice all your moves from your previous classes. No new moves are taught during this time but there is always an instructor around to spot you or to help remind you of correct technique or placings. 

Are you a complete newby to Pole but want to give it a try without committing to a whole term? Try our Pole Basics course. A four week program to get you excited about Pole! Contact us to find out when our next course begins!

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Beach Fit Dance is a dance and pole dance fitness studio located in Newcastle, Australia.

Beach Fit offers dance fun, friendly classes for both adults and kids of all skill levels.


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