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Feel Strong and Confident with our Newcastle Pole Dance / Pole Fitness Classes

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Our Difference

Beach Fit Dance's Pole Fitness / Pole Dance classes are totally different to any other pole dance class you will find in Newcastle. This is due to the fact our Newcastle pole classes are based around fitness.

Forget the stilletto's, excessive leather and pole grinding! If your looking for grinding you should check out our adult burlesque dance classes . Our Pole Fitness / Pole Dance classes are a fun blend of contemporary dance (for those that want to dance), body toning strength and fitness moves, eye catching acrobatics and real individuals dressed in clothes they're comfortable wearing. 

Keep your clothes on!

Pole Fitness / Pole Dancing is generally easier with some skin contact to help grip the pole. However, we offer lots of alternative moves for those who would rather wear tights then shorts. And for those extra modest individuals we have two silicon coated dance X-Poles specifically designed to be used fully clothed.

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 Any age and any experience level - you can start today!

Basics Pole Fitness

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 In this 5 week course you will be introduced to the basics of Pole Fitness. You will start to build core & upper body strength, learn spins & poses, sit and start to climb the pole! By the end of the 5 week course you'll be falling in love with Pole.  You have the choice of our Brass, Chrome or Silicone poles. Moves you'll learn in this course include Sitting Swan, Body Spiral, Spinning Climb, Chair Spin, Standing Crucifix, and much more. You'll start to put together moves and learn transitions to begin a routine and start improving endurance and skin tollerance.


Beginner Pole Fitness

You will continue to build strength on the pole while learning how to do a full spinning climb, poses up the pole, train to invert (go upside down) and start to put multiple moves together. Most of you will now be able to hang upside down and maybe even let your hands go! You'll enjoy putting together a routine and love all the new transitions you're learning. You'll have sitting competitions with yoru classmates to improve skin tollerance (and have a laugh) and races to the top of the pole. You will be used to the spin of the pole now and actually use it to release the stresses of your day.

Intermediate Pole Fitness

layback jayde

 By now you will be inverting, doing laybacks, learning how to transition from one move to the next and doing a variety of moves upside down. You'll might be thinking of entering competitions or simply enjoy the physical and mental challenges your pole class gives you. You are now working on perfecting your Scorpio/Gemini switch, your spinning layback, your aerial invert and your extended butterfly is looking amazing. 


 Advanced Pole Fitness

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 You are now a pro on the pole! You are doing the extended butterfly, aerial inverts, climbing the pole whilst upside down and using your developed upper body strength to hold advanced moves for an extended period. Your Jayde split is almost flat and your handspring is pretty schmick. You are enjoying your Ayesha and Iguaga moves and are capable of a lovely Crescent Moon, Jamilla into Butterfly, aerial Chopper and Shoulder Mount. You may even be working on your Phoenix.


Doubles Pole Fitness

Grab a partner and get ready to laugh! Learn how to climb together, spin together and flip together as we guide you step-by-step. For fun or to perform, this is the perfect class to bond with an old friend or find a new buddy.


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Newcastle's Beach Fit Dance's Adult Pole Fitness / Dance Classes will have you spinning, inverting, flipping and gracefully flowing from move to move on the pole in no time!


If you have a group of 4 people, contact us and you can even start your own private group.


About the Studio

Beach Fit Dance is a dance and pole dance fitness studio located in Newcastle, Australia.

Beach Fit offers dance fun, friendly classes for both adults and kids of all skill levels.


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